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Advanced Technical Support

Discover the new era of diagnostics support

Plans & Pricing

Jaltest ATS Level I



Some examples of ATS Level I / Software Support are:

  • Assistance connecting to the vehicle, or to specific systems.
  • Guidance locating actions such as calibrations or regens that Jaltest can perform.
  • Guidance locating technical information that can be found in Jaltest.

Jaltest ATS Level II



Some examples of ATS Level II / Repair Support are:

  • Going beyond the Jaltest software. Have a trained Diesel Pro over the phone helping you with complex mechanical issues.
  • Interpretation of technical information for the user.
  • Access technical information not yet available in Jaltest.

For monthly access click here: ATS Level 1 & ATS Level 2
These licenses are subscription-based, and you will be charged on a monthly or yearly basis.
*ATS Level II Annual Subscribers can claim up to 2 Jaltest Central Services tickets for free.
For more information about Jaltest Central Services, please refer to the correspondent flyer.