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Jaltest Central Services


Advanced Actions


Body Controller Update

MSRP $150


Parameters Change
MX PCI EPA 13 - 17

MSRP $200


Revision Update

MSRP $250

Detroit Diesel

ACM / CPC / MCM / TCM Recalibration

MSRP $495

Hire our team to perform exclusive actions. All you need is an active Jaltest
license and the required cables; our team will handle the rest for you!

Safety Requirements

To prevent any safety and security issues, a direct ECM connection is required to perform Cummins ECM calibration revisions. The following cables are available: JDCM 2150, JDCM 2250, JDCM 2350 - 2450. Ask our team for more details.

To prevent any safety and security issues, a specific cable is required to facilitate Paccar's actions. The following cable is available: JDC 227.9. Please reach out to our team for more details.

Jaltest and OEM Software

When using JALTEST with OEM Software, make sure to use these cables: JDC 227.9, and JDC 223.9

Advanced Actions

For complete access to our extensive range of advanced actions, please reach out to us at

Additional Information

ATS Level II subscribers, if on the yearly plan, can enjoy up to two of these tasks free of charge.

**The Jaltest license must be active.